What Hard Drive is in a Western Digital 10TB EasyStore

I recently just shucked my first WD 10TB Easystore and as far as I can tell it is a Helium filled hdd, with a 256MB cache and runs at 5400 RPMs. Perfect for a home NAS.

I got mine from Best Buy early Black Friday (BBBF) sale for $179.99, which seems like a good deal when compared to other 10TB hard drives and the $299.99 shelf price. Now this was the BBBF edition that came with the SanDi… WD 32 GB Flash Drive and not the “Normal” EasyStore.

Model and Specs

WD 10TB Easystore

  • Model: WDBCKA0100HBK-NE32


  • Drive Model: WD100EMAZ

  • Drive: 10TB "White Label" 5400RPM 256MB Cache

To my knowledge and from what I have seen other people say (not verified by me), the WD 10TB EasyStore (non BBBF edition) or the on you can find at any retailer, has the same exact same drive in it. The model number for this is, WDBCKA0100HBK-NESN, for anyone who might be curious.

It is very easy to remove these drives from the shell. If you can’t figure it out, simply search YouTube for “How to remove the hard drive from WD EasyStore”. Replacing remove with shuck may yield better results. Also, prepare to cut up a Credit Card unless you have a guitar pick or tools like an iFixIt kit would provide.

What is the White Label Drive

Most likely this is a rebranded HGST DC HC510 or a relabeled WD Gold. If the drive is neither then, well, oops. No matter what we know it is a helium filled drived and is definitely made to be a storage drive. This drive is perfect for your NAS/local storage device. You can put this in a RAID or into tiered storage if that is more your thing. I guess this isn’t a definitive answer but at the end of the day it is a more premium hard drive than you would expect to get unless you out right purchased an equivalently spec’ed WD Red, Gold, etc. How do we know it’s helium filled, let’s just take a quick look at a S.M.A.R.T readout.


My Use Case

I plan to integrate this drive into my backup server.  Not the 24/7 always on back up kind of server either, just a…. plug it into my hot-swap backplane and use a script to back up files to it sort of use.  None-the-less I really do need a drive for back ups.  I am currently banking on dual parity to save me from data loss, I have been lucky for 4 years and counting. It's only a matter of time before something goes wrong.  I've come really close to losing data in the past and the only thing that saved me was my Google Drive backups (think pictures and "important" documents).

I’d really like to have a more serious solution for a backup server than using Windows 10 and RoboCopy but honestly, I’m not sure which operating system to go with. Plus back server will not be on all of the time, so I’m not sure how serious of a solution I need. Only time will tell I suppose. RSync is probably a better alternative but I’ve grown accustom to RoboCopy. Ugh.

USB Flash Drive

Is the USB Flash Drive that is included with the WD EasyStore any good? Well…. It’s a solid ehhh. It’s okay and it’s certainly nice to have but honestly, I would not buy one. On the plus side, I’m pretty sure SanDisk makes it, I’m pretty sure this is the SanDisk Version, the Glide 3.0 CZ600. Anyway, here is a benchmark of mine.


Happy Shucking!