Bitcoin Experience Update

Finally, the long awaited update for my experience.

I started mining Bitcoins back in late 2012 and even more heavily in 2013, things were great up until the end of 2014. After the whole "bubble pop" and the settling around $300USD is when I started to not associate nearly as much with Bitcoin. I had maybe 1.7BTC or just over that up until two months ago (June-ish 2015), the reason why I no longer own ANY Bitcoins, because I purchased some computer equipment off NewEgg and then needed some money to pay Rent. Since mining is absolutely out of the question now, I may never own Bitcoins again, that is a BIG may, by the way. So where am I at now?

I want to participate in some cloud mining however the one company I trusted closed down, Ever since they fell off the interwebs, I have sort of just watched the market rise to $300USD and fall again. I want to invest pretty heavily into Bitcoin but I am so afraid of getting burned by the market now. You can even say I may be a bit bitter towards Bitcoin. I am still very hopeful for Bitcoins fututre and I really really hope, that it can become a global recognized currency.

That being said, I have always read, "just buy small amounts every pay check or at the end of each month" and I think that I am going to commit to that. Especially now, that Coinbase will let me INSTA-BUY coins with my debit card. I want to be able to use Bitcoin everywhere but living in Georgia is like living five years in the past. I have to watch other States get new technology or be more ecologically savvy and wait for YEARS, before Georgia even begins dicussing new technologies. What do I mean by that, NO ONE does Bitcoin business in Georgia. I have looked and looked and looked, sometimes I find a place that "does" but when I show up and am ready to pay they are like, we don't take Bitcoin anymore. What a drag. Now, I dont' have any coins so it doesn't matter. One day I would like to be able to go to a local mom and pop shop and get some swag or food but for now I must wait.

I still own 1 Bitcoin miner! A Block Erupter that is sumberged in Mineral Oil. It is not mining! I have it connected to an AMD Budget Build Rig so the fan spins and helps move oil around. The rest of the blades are not active however, and one of which is broken, and I can't find it anywhere either... Below is a picture of it in oil and below that is another picture of the whole AMD build submereged for additional "proof".

So I have put this off for so long because there really isn't much to say. I haven't bought anything with Bitcoin in a long while and I haven't purchased any coins for a few months. But I am hoping to get into it with micro-purchases and using it more as an investment like my Roth IRA. Just to diversify funds and hope for some marginal returns.