Rackmount Server Chassis that Supports Water Cooling

Rack mounting the gaming computer and mounting a triple radiator AIO into it.  The Rosewill 4U Server Chassis is a great option.  There were other options available but I was looking for something that was relatively simple to work with and a chassis that supported a triple 120mm radiator.

The Build

You can check out the video here or watching below.  But, if you prefer you can read about it.  There is an extended version as well, it is very dry and full of random information.  Sorry, not the best writer or ?picture taker?.

Moving on, I really didn't want a 4U chassis but 120mm fans are obviously a bit too tall.  I did look at 80mm options because the I would have had to buy different power supplies.  Yes, I said supplies, with an ies, because redundant power supplies would be awesome!  Power Supplies like these, which can be found on NewEgg.

 However, I didn't want to get rid of or stop using my Corsair AX1200i.  Which introduces another problem.  Finding a chassis that will fit a ATX power supply is a bit hard.  So, keeping it simple I decided to say screw it and find a chassis that was easy to work with and looked...okay.  Just because I will hardly see the chassis doesn't mean I shouldn't look for one that is halfway decent looking.  The Rosewill chassis is okay looking especially without the front cover door thing.  Look at this!


General Thoughts

  • Paint scratches easily

  • The rails that normally come with the server will scratch the sides of the chassis

  • Screws to remove the top chassis panel

  • Lots of potential mounting points for a reservoirs and other water cooling accessories

  • Standard sizes ATX PSU, ITX-ATX mobo support, etc

  • Plenty of height for Air Coolers

  • I really wish there was a 3U option

Final Thoughts

I think I should switch the 3 Corsair AF-120's up front for 3 SP-120's.  The front door has a built in filter that is thick, so I can hear the AF-120's struggle trying to draw in air.  In the video I put on magnetic filters but they look ugly and I don't like the aesthetic with the door.  In the meantime, I will look around for a different kind of filter and run without a filter for a while.  I'm pretty happy with the build overall and I can't wait to run just 1 USB-C cable to my desk so I don't have to run 8 or 9 cables from the server to my desk.