State of the Homelab

Last week I lost the test server.  Luckily quite sometime ago I managed to offload all the services I was running on it to my Transcencia (unraid server).  For those of you who keep up, I also recently have lost my Macbook Pro.  So the homelab is in a bit of disarray right now.

I decided to give away the failing test server to someone who has a bit more time than I do to troubleshoot the rising number of issues the server was going through.  Some of the issues include:

  • During boot you must press F1 to boot to any OS
  • Some RAM slots not working
  • 3 or 4 Hard Drive bays are not showing up during boot or cannot be seen by the OS
  • On Board NIC was not discoverable by Linux or unRAID.
  • It would only boot from a hard drive if the hard drive was in a specific slot.

So after the rising number of issues and my lack of patience, off to the market it went.  Here are some pictures of the Quanta S210-X22RQ before and after it being gutted and removed from the rack.

And so, if you haven't gathered it by now, you can probably tell I'm a bit but hurt about it at the moment.  I will definitely have to try and figure out what I am going to do, if anything, in the coming future.

Thanks for reading!