Toys R Us Store Closing Dell R330 Hunt

Some of you may have heard Toys R Us is going out of business, at least here in the U.S.A.  After catching wind that they were selling IT equipment, my curiosity got the better of me and I went to check out what was going on.

First Blood

I went to a couple Toys R Us (TRU) in my area around Orlando, FL.  All of them were selling the exact same hardware (configurations may vary).  At the time of writing, some of that equipment included.

  • APC 1000VA UPS ($50)
  • Cisco 2960-S ($20)
  • Cisco Meraki MS220-8P ($20)
  • Lexmark Printers ($300)
  • Dell OptiPlex (unknown)
  • Dell R330's ($800)
  • Two Way Radios ($50 each)
  • Surveillance Cameras (unknown)
  • Server Rack (unknown)
  • Patch Panels (unknown)
  • and much more

I was specifically targeting the Dell R330's, however at $800 USD, I was immediately turned off.  Brand new Dell R330's could be had for about $1000-$1400 depending on the configuration you selected so paying $800 just didn't seem worth it.  The store manager at the time said the Liquidator would give me a call to negotiate on prices when he/she had a chance, but at this point I was a bit down.  Before leaving I took pictures of the Service Tags that Dell gives to each of it's systems.  This is important because I would need this to look up what the Dell R330's configurations were, when they were initially shipped to TRU.  Defeated, I left the store with nothing but my slightly more than half way full wallet.

The amount of IT equipment they were selling was a bit underwhelming but it was nice to get a glimpse of some of the things going on behind closed doors.  Here are some photos I snapped.

Part Deux

Returning to the interwebs, I saw a post on Reddit where a person claimed they had successfully negotiated the price of a Dell R330 down to $550.  Willing to push my luck and return to the store to attempt haggle the TRU manager for the equipment, I arrived with a bit more knowledge and courage.  I learned that the two Dell R330's had slightly different configurations, so I wanted to go in and but the higher end model for $500 and leave the lower end one to it's fate.  There wasn't much of difference between the two but below is essentially the gist of the configurations.

  • Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5 3.4GHz, 8M cache, 4C/8T, turbo (80W)
  • Single Hot Plug Power Supply 350W
  • Dual 300GB 15K SAS drives
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM (probably $200 by itself)
  • iDRAC 8 Enterprise (retails for $295)
  • Server 2012 R2 Datacenter
  • H330 RAID controller
  • 4 3.5 inch Hot Swap drive bays
  • no rails

The lower end model has these differences

  • Server 2012 R2 Standard
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • iDRAC 8 Standard

I walked into the store, demanded to see the manager, and politely asked if any equipment had sold yet.  Much to my surprise, it had not, only 1 switch.  I was incredibly excited at this point.  The manager (Matt) escorted me to the server room and asked which servers or equipment I wanted.  I told him wanted the higher end server for $500, he said the lowest he could go was 20% off ($640) of the $800 asking price.  I said no thanks, it isn't worth it.  He then proceeded to call the Liquidator and negotiate on my behalf, after a tossing numbers back and forth, we finally settled on $475 for the "low end" Dell and $550 for the "high end" R330.  Well damn.... I only wanted 1 not both, ugh.  So I bought both because I fell like it was a good deal and I could probably sell the second for around $600.

 After we finally agreed on price, I paid and was given a receipt and my equipment was marked "Sold".  I was told that the possible earliest I could pick them up was June 30th and that I would receive a call when I officially could.  Now we wait...

Here is a GIF of the Server Room.

Toys R Us Successful Server Hunt!


On Saturday June 30th, I was finally able to pick up both Dell R330 servers.  They first told me to show up at 6:30AM to pick them up then called me the day before to tell me 2:00PM instead.  I showed up about 15 minutes by mistake and they made me wait outside until 2:00PM.  No big deal I guess, aside from the heat.  Well, I had to wait 5 hours for them to be "wiped" before they finally let me de-rack them.

So what did I get out of all of this?  Well I walked away with:

  • 2 Dell R330's ($1025 total)
  • 2 Rack mountable Shelves (free)
  • 1 Patch Panel (free)
  • 1 Cable Management Arm (free)
  • 1 Trendnet KVM (free)
  • Power Cables and other cables (free)
  • Tons of Velcro Straps (free)

While some of the items are a bonus the stuff I truly only care about are the servers, now that I have had an opportunity to crack em open and see what they have I can now share with you what was in them.

Dell R330 1

  • 1 350w Platinum PSU
  • iDRAC 8 Enterprise
  • Front Bezel
  • 2 300GB 15K RPM SAS Drives
  • Perc H330
  • 32GBs of DDR4 ECC RAM
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter
  • Dell ProPlus Support plan expires 2022
  • no rails
  • on-Board USB 3.0
  • Add in SD Card reader
  • empty TPM (Trusted Platform Module) slot

Dell R330 2

  • 1 350w Platinum PSU
  • iDRAC 8 Enterprise
  • Front Bezel
  • 2 300GB 15K RPM SAS Drives
  • Perc H330
  • 32GBs of DDR4 ECC RAM
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard
  • Dell ProPlus Support plan expires 2022
  • no rails
  • on-Board USB 3.0
  • Add in SD Card reader
  • empty TPM (Trusted Platform Module) slot

Originally when I looked up the specs on Dells Support page, they only had 16GB's of RAM each.  So I was pretty happy to see 32GB's.  I feel like I got a good haul even though others probably have done better.


What am I going to do with them?

Well, I'm not entirely sure yet, so far my plans include:

  • Selling Both servers
  • Keeping one and selling the other
  • Use one for local back up and the other for remote back up
  • Play with oVirt and Gluster Hyperconverged systems
  • Make one into a IDS
  • ummmm, I think that's it for now

If you guys have any suggestions drop a comment below and let me know what you think I should do.