What Hard Drive is in a Western Digital 8TB EasyStore

I recently just shucked my first WD 8TB Easystore and despite what I have read on the internet, I don't believe my "White label" 8TB drive is a WD Red drive.

I got mine from Best Buy on sale for $169.99, which seems like a good deal when compared to other WD Red 8TB hard drives and the $299.99 shelf price.

Model and Specs

WD 8TB Easystore

  • Model: WDBCKA0080HBK-NESN
  • Drive Model: WD80EMAZ
  • Drive: 8TB "White Label" 5400RPM 256MB Cache

What is the White Label Drive

Well, I personally believe the White Label drive is either a special drive developed for the Easystores or a WD Purple drive.

I have reason to believe it is a WD Purple Drive because on WD website, there is not an 8TB Red drive listed with the capability of being 5400RPMs and having a 256MB cache.  As seen here and here, or pictured below.

It would seem to suggest that the WD White label drive could be a WD Purple drive but that doesn't mean it actually is.

Could it be an HGST NAS drive?

Well I poked around a bit on HGST's site and some other sources and it would appear that HGST NAS drives only come in 7200RPMs, as seen on this Data sheet.  I have some doubts it's an HGST drive but it can't be entirely ruled out.

Could it be a WD Blue?

I doubt it, all the WD Blue drives have 64MB cache and none are over 6TBs.

Clouds of Doubt

There isn't any actual hard evidence that the White Label drives are 100% in fact Red drives.  Hell, they are more than likely drives that failed some QA check.  I personally wish I had the tools and smarts to reveal what features my 8TB White Label drive has, this would help to identify if the drive could be safely used in a RAID environment.  All of Western Digital drives are purpose built and while I may not know exactly why a Purple drive may not be suited for a NAS, could a Purple drive be really be that bad to add to an existing all WD Red array?  Will it fail sooner, will it have any negative affects?  It's hard to answer.  There is some really good information can be found on Reddit here, that goes into a lot more information about various models and drives, it's a great post.

What will I use my White Label drive for?

Well, because I am a bit scared to integrate it in with my WD Reds, I think I will use it for back ups.  Not the 24/7 always on back ups either, just a, plug it into my hot-swap backplane and use a script to back up files to it sort of use.  None-the-less I really do need a drive for back ups.  I am currently banking on dual parity to save me from data loss, I have been doing this for 4 years now and it's only a matter of time before something goes wrong.  I've come really close to losing data in the past and the only thing that saved me was my Google Drive backups (think pictures and "important" documents).

Complete break down of all models and drives.

Slickdeals.com has a page that has pretty much all the information you need about what model of Easystore comes with what kind of drive.  This will include information on "How to Shuck" your hard drive from your Easystore, which is EZ.

Don't feel like navigating 30 links, here are is a list for all the information you could possible need.

Happy Shucking!