What was on the Toys R Us Servers

Not a whole lot honestly.  I lack the true skills to fully crack into the OS.  I attempted to burn a Hirens ISO on MAC and Windows but after 3 failed attempts I said screw it.  I also didn't feel like putting in the effort to make a USB bootable ISO, so I never go into the actual OS.  But I did learn a few things.

First Look

So I don't own a single monitor that can do VGA, I also don't have any adapters to go from VGA to HDMI or VGA to Display Port.  Sure I could use iDRAC 8 enterprise but there is no way to reset it without getting into the BIOS/Lifecycle Controller.  Thus, I had to call around and ask if anyone had a monitor with VGA, no one did, but one friend did have a TV with VGA in, score!


Once, I got the thing to boot into the Lifecycle Controller I was able to change the password to the admin/root account.  Then I went on to make iDRAC use DHCP so I could remote into the server whenever I damn well please.  After I made the changes I need and wanted, I booted up.  I was surprised to see that the Hard Drives were in fact not wiped.  The system booted straight into Windows Server 2008 R2.  Below are some pictures of the iDRAC and boot process.

Despite never being able reset the Windows Administrator password with Hirens, I did get a good look at was actually on the RAID 1 hard drives.  A whole lot of nothing useful.  Below are pictures of "interesting" things I came across but without getting into the actual OS, it's pretty fruitless.  Damn my laziness.  I did however learn that the SQL Server Admin password was "giraffe"... How fitting.  BUT, I overheard the password from the corporate tech to a local manager, the password apparently didn't work and they ended the phone conversation shortly after that.  Probably out of frustration.

The End

Yeah, not very interesting stuff.  I went ahead and wiped the drives myself and put the server into a RAID 0 and installed Server 2016 Standard on it.  Now, just to figure out what I am going to do with the server....