LITEON CX2-GB1024-Q11 NVMe Benchmark

Picked this up from a local recycle center for $50 bucks. Not a bad deal at all considering it is a 1TB NVMe. Didn’t really know what to expect since benchmarks were a bit varied. So here is what I scored.



Here are some other NVMe benchmarks for comparison.

Samsung 960 Pro NVME 512GB

Toshiba THSN51T02DUK NVMe 1TB

So for $50.00 you better believe this is the best money I have ever spent on an SSD. Very surprised by it’s performance. Unfortunately, I don’t think LITEON NVMe drives are very reliable. In the past I worked with similar drives that failed a few times. As in, we had 10 systems with LITEON drives and 3 had to be replaced. Wild stuff. I guess we will see how long this one lasts.

My Use Case

I’m going to go back to Orlando Recycles and see if I can pick up a couple more of these bad boys to stick into my Asus Hyper M.2 Adapter. It would so cool to have 4 of these in a RAID 0, I could transfer large video files super quickly to the array or have a couple VM’s with really good performance. There are quite a few possibilities to be had. I’m looking forward to actually getting a use out of this.

Hmmm, what to do first.